About the Bradford Trolleybus Association

In August 1971, a small number of enthusiasts formed themselves into the "B.U.T. 834 Group" to organise the purchase of Bradford Trolleybus No 834 from Bradford Corporation. The scheme met with instant success and soon 834 was safely in our possession at the Sandtoft Transport Centre, near Doncaster. From these small beginnings came a more ambitious plan: to expand into a full-scale society and to buy and operate a whole fleet of trolleybuses. With this in mind, an appeal was launched, which again with considerable success: the Bradford Trolleybus Association came into being on 25th March 1972 - the day before the closure of Britain's last remaining trolleybus system. The Association purchased from Bradford Corporation, trolleybus No 731 and 847.
The B.T.A. co-ordinated the purchase on behalf of its members all the remaining trolleybuses bar one that ran in Bradford on 26th March 1972, and eventually restore and operate under the wires at Sandtoft. The B.T.A. now owns one vehicle - 758 whilst its members did own a variety of ex-Bradford trolleybuses. 758 is a B.U.T. 9611T with 8ft Weymann body. Registered FKU 758 on the 1st January 1951, as a pioneering experiment in May 1952, 758 was fitted with experimental flashing indicators. This was the first legal use of flashing indicators in Britain.
On the 31st July 1971, 758 became the last rear entrance trolleybus in service in Great Britain. She is now undergoing a thorough restoration to restore her to her former glory and the Association is currently gathering the finances to meet the costs involved.

Trustee - Chairman
David Chick
E-mail: dave.chick@talk21.com

Trustee – Finance

Paul Waldron
E-mail: paul.waldron.scbc@gmail.com

Trustee - Secretary
Alan Whitrick

Trustee - Membership

John Stainforth


Trustee - Restoration
John Francis


Bradford Trolleybus Association
Registered Charity No. 1116734

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